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“Just Eat The Worm isn’t just any book. This is a journey. A journey full of conventional wisdom. It’s not just stories – it’s a recipe for facing difficulties that leads to a meaningful and successful living, especially in times besieged by uncertainty.”

– LES Brown, world-renowned Speaker

What you'll learn in this course

The Art of Developing Creative Thinking
Just Eat The worm
Believe in Yourself and Abilities.
Bet on you- invest in yourself and keep learning.
Economic of Time.
Lead Your Life & Never waste a crisis.


What industry leaders are saying about Maxwell

"This is an extraordinary book, filled with important ideas and insight! Read it, apply it, and let them change your life."

  • Brian Tracy, Author/ Speaker/ Consultant

What industry leaders are saying about Maxwell

Max is one of the most focused and disciplined people I have met. He is committed to helping others achieve success through his creativity and passion. He always adds value and gets the job done.

  • Jon Tarlarico/ Wealth Coach

What industry leaders are saying about Maxwell

Maxwell Adekoje is a superbly talented writer, entrepreneur and thinker. A man whose love for the everyday striver is infectious and honest. In this world where many are led astray with concepts and ideas that lead to societal and personal demise, Mr. Adekoje is one of the true warriors opening new paths with hope and progress. His philosophy of self-determination through action is one of a kind. 


He challenges the dogmas of modern day society, finding new perspectives and communicating them with passion, intelligence and humor. This is not a book to be ignored. This is a book to be used as a guide as you venture through the exciting world where dreams meet the entrepreneurial spirit. 

  • John Oluwole/ Movie Director

Right now, no matter where you find yourself, it is time to take a moment of self-reflection and evaluation. What do you want your life to look like five years from now? What kind of life do you want to live in? What do you desire to give birth to in this new season that arises? Visualize life without limitations. Ask yourself, why are you not living that life?

This Online course will show you how to turn difficult situations to massive success. "Live your dreams".

Every adversity comes with a gift embedded, don't waste it.

What are you getting?

6 Week Online Course: With strategies that will improve your productivity in any crisis with proven results.


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Bonus Lecture: The right Mindset to ACHIEVING whatever you want in 2021. Guaranteed Result

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"One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of having a personal development plan." The danger in life is not to have a growth plan.

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